Current list of Isopods (Isopoda) available for purchase.

Important Information

Bioactive soil isopod cultures: All cultures were started at least one month prior to order to ensure the isopods are thriving.

Prior to shipping, extra water and food are added so the isopods can be self-sufficient. They are fed Brewer's Yeast once a week or as needed.

Each culture will contain at least the number of isopods listed.

We have a 72-hour live guarantee – with either a refund or replacement of cultures.

Dwarf White Isopods

$16.00  |  8OZ  |  Isopod Count: 50

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Genus: Trichorhina tomentosa
  • considered tropical isopods
  • moderate-breeding species
  • comfortable in moderate and high humidity
  • excellent as a clean-up crew
  • burrowing species
  • small species (7mm)
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