Really? Your lizards have personalities?

Really? Your lizards have personalities?

Really? Your “lizards” have personalities? For many people who have never been around Rankin’s Dragons or any other domesticated dragons, this may be a common misconception that all dragons act alike. Just like people or furry pets, each Rankin’s Dragon exhibits unique personality traits. 

Whether you get your dragon at a young age or as an adult, you will notice that each has some innate traits from the beginning but may develop additional distinctive personalities based on the environment including their location, other dragons and the amount of activity around them. 

Some dragons really like human attention. Our first dragon was in our home office, and he would glass surf if he saw us but we weren’t paying attention to him. He would also snuggle on our shirts to fall asleep and would cling to our hands when we would try to put him back in his enclosure. 

When we purchased our three dragons for breeding, we were told that they could not all be in the same space. We cautiously observed them and discovered that the two young females actually became attached to each other. They also reacted differently at first to the male’s attention - one would submit while the other smaller one would sometimes nip at him in defiance. Now that one of our females is much larger, the male has stopped pursuing her as much. At times when he “bobs” at her, she will puff up until he walks away!

Now that we have had two clutches of baby dragons, we have been observing that each baby has unique behaviors. Some of them are more curious than others. Some are quick to eat and try new foods while others are apprehensive. One seems more adventurous and loves to try to escape in his hold container when it is cleaned every morning. One of them sleeps standing up in the corner. Our first clutch would hang out in their food bowl when they were ready to eat. When they were finished, they would go on their basking rock. If we were ignoring them while they were in the bowl, one or two of them would start glass surfing to get our attention.

So yes - our “lizards” do have remarkable personalities! As with most dragons, we have enjoyed seeing their behaviors and dispositions develop as they have grown and changed. This may be part of the reason many owners choose to have multiple dragons since each one is definitely distinct!

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