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Where to find a Rankin's Dragon

Have you scoured the internet using the terms “Rankin’s Dragon,” “Lawson's Dragon,” “Miniature Bearded Dragon,” or “Pygmy Dragon” only to find no information on where to acquire one of these lizards?

If so, you are definitely not alone. This post is designed to help you find your very own Rankin’s. My wife and I spent hours trying to learn more about this species and where to obtain one as a pet. The main reason we originally created this informational “Dragon Files” website was to assist others who had questions or needed help regarding dragons - but more specifically, the Pogona henrylawsoni.

Our goal is to provide the most sought out answers for the greatest number of people. First, we will focus on questions related specifically to readers located in the United States before we venture into answering source questions for other countries.

We are incredibly pleased to announce that Dragon Files breeds Pogona henrylawsoni. If you are interested in acquiring a baby Rankin’s Dragon directly from us, you can go to the Available Dragons page of this website to see possible dragon availability for purchase.

However, we will provide you with alternative information and sources for finding a Rankin’s as well.

Find Local Rankin’s Dragons

Pet Store: We suggest you look up local reptile stores. Although rare, your local store may carry the Pogona henrylawsoni.

Reptile Expos: Another great place to consider is a nearby reptile exposition. This is actually how we first acquired Smaug - after spending hours online and finding no available dragons. We suggest a Google search for reptile expos near you. In some cases, these expos will have Facebook groups where vendors will list the type of reptiles they carry. Alternatively, you can ask in the group if anyone will be selling any Pogona henrylawsoni dragons at the expo.

The North American Reptile Breeders Conference (NARBC) hosts conferences in Tinley Park, Illinois, Schaumburg, Illinois, Arlington, Texas, and St. Louis, Missouri. These conferences are hosted at various times of the year.

Find Online Rankin’s Dragons

Dragon Files: You can always purchase your Rankin’s Dragon directly from us. You can check our Available Dragons page for current availability of Pogona henrylawsoni dragons.

Kelowna Bearded Dragons: Kelowna carries both Pogona vitticeps and Pogona henrylawsoni and is actually the breeder we used to source our breeders (Idrial and Morwen). You can see their current availability at their website.

Online Search: You can also find Pogona henrylawsoni breeders and other shops by doing a simple online search for “Rankin’s Dragons for sale.” However, these dragons are frequently out of stock, and the quality or health of these dragons may be difficult to determine.

Facebook: We suggest you join Facebook groups (“Rankins Dragon Keepers in the US” or “Bearded Dragon Breeders and Genetics Group”) for finding different breeders from different parts of the world. You may be able to find other international groups that discuss similar topics and offer the opportunity to network with breeders where you can acquire a Rankin’s Dragon.

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